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Racoon Cleaning Products Group
A strong team – young, wild and creative “Coons” and old, experienced “Hands”!
A dynamic and competent team consisting of international detailers, tuning professionals, chemists, designers, scouts and marketing experts!

Racoon, the new successful premium brand worldwide! We offer an effective and complete Car + Bike care range with new cleaning and care products, waxes, sealants, coatings, polishes and accessories – currently about 50 different products, but our range is constantly expanding and also environmentally optimized!

Racoon Premium Products are developed only with the best and most innovative raw materials, extensively tested in-house under laboratory conditions, but also in practice and exclusively manufactured in Germany – 100% Made in Germany!

Racoon, a company that also takes responsibility because we work every day to reduce our ecological footprints! Already today many of our effective car care and cleaning products are environmentally friendly and biodegradable, the packaging recyclable and fully or partially recycled! Through the reusability of our high-quality bottles and spray heads, you too can help to protect the environment!

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